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The Day After

Everyone knows that day after drinking feeling, the hang over. Some hang overs make people completely want to stop drinking. They can make you feel so sick that you want to sleep all day. But the day after in a sorority house is the most interesting thing you could ever witness. All the girls sit around and talking about their nights, it’s almost as fun of the night before filled with parties and drinking.
Last night was our formal dance, so this morning has been full of fun conversations and activities. I started my day today with a nice nutritious meal at Leo’s Coney Island. Then at home since it’s a nice day out we all piled out onto our deck in the back yard to sun bath and take wonderful hang over naps. My good friend decided it was too hot to wear pants but was too uncomfortable to sit outside in just her underwear so she decided to make a skirt out of her jacket. Our house is three floors and climbing to the top floor to get shorts seemed like too much effort. My other friend rocked the tank top and undies look, while I chilled in my sports bra and leggings.
Within an hour of being out on the deck a ton of boys from a fraternity down the road came over to have a sober event with us. You could imagine our surprise when we’re all sitting in almost no clothing and boys show up. Thank goodness I had a blanket to cover up and sneak inside to change my outfit.
Day after stories are the best to tell, and even more fun to live out.