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In my sorority evening meals can be an interesting time of day. We have a Chef and bus boys for every meal, and trust me eating with a group of 40 people can be a riot.

Bar Food Thursdays

Disclaimer: Each house is different so my explanation for how my house does meal times does not apply to all houses.

One of the best parts about living in a sorority house is that we have a chef! As much as I love to cook and I do totally miss the opportunity to be able to cook what I want, when I want, I do love having a professional chef cook me meals every day. Here’s how it works. We have a chef that works for us full time five days a week. We’re pretty lucky because we actually have breakfast food set up for us, I know a lot of houses that don’t. But he cooks two full meals each day, lunch and dinner. The menu is posted for the week early every Monday morning, that way we know what to look forward to eating.

Our chef is pretty phenomenal, if I do say so myself, he cooks for 40-50 girls almost every day. But he’s more than just our chef, each girl has a decent relationship with him as well. He knows every girl that lives in the house by name and even knows their dietary restrictions. We have three vegetarians that live in our house and he’s very accommodating for them. To top off his awesomeness he also isn’t naive about what we like to eat on what days. What I mean by that is that every Thursday we have something our chef likes to call “bar night.” Bar night is basically when Chef Eric, DGs chef, cooks food that you could find on any bar menu. He makes things like wings, burgers, sliders, etc. He knows many of us like to go out and party Thursday nights so he fills us up that way we have something in our bellies if we choose to drink (only if we’re 21 of course).

Bar night is one of my favorite nights for food because it’s always greasy, fattening and super yummy. I love looking forward to what Chef Eric is going to cook up every week.