Scholarship Programs

When you think of the word scholarship you normally think of an organization or person giving you a particular amount of money for education. In most cases this is true. My house has scholarship grants girls can win or apply for to help them pay for school. But in this instance that’s not what I am talking about. In this case I’m talking more based off the actual definition of the word scholarship. Scholarship is defined as an academic study or achievement. This having nothing to do with earning money for school, simply making an educational achievement of some kind or spending time on studies.

My house has a scholarship program that is required of our girls every year. This is a plan to make sure each girl in the house is on top of their studies. Tonight at chapter one of our members of the Chapter Management Team explained our new plan for the scholarship program. I think it’s brilliant and simple. What each girl has to do is for the rest of the semester they need to make sure they have three scholarship achievements that they can log into a binder. Each log can be anything from doing well on a test to studying for multiple hours at the library. There is a binder for each grade level where the girls can individually log their own achievements. This allows of Chapter Management Team to be aware of how amazing our girls are, as well as make sure we are all being scholarly. It’s really cool that we do this because it contributes to this fact…“At MSU, the sorority average GPA is higher than the all women’s average GPA and the all student average GPA.”

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