Do sorority women play video games!?

There is a huge stereotype on what a sorority girl looks like, acts like, and does in their free time. There is also a huge stereotype for fraternity men as well. But think for a second, if you had to picture what the “ideal” sorority girl looks like, acts like, and does in their free time what would that be?

I think most people would be able to paint a pretty good picture in their head of what their “ideal” sorority girl is. Stereotypes on greek life are huge! But if I were to tell you some statistics and facts about the success of people in greek life I think you might be shocked. Not only are sorority women extremely successful but they aren’t always the stereotype image you paint in your mind. I think my house is a great example of that.

Yesterday my dear friend brought an Xbox back to the house from home. She was lucky enough to have her younger brother be willing to loan it to her. Now, the majority of people who sat back and thought about that image of a sorority girl would not have put “avid video game player” in their picture. I can even assume that when I said Xbox most readers were shocked or thought the games that were being played were even girly. Does Xbox even have “girly” games!? A couple of the girls and I stayed up for hours last night playing Grand Theft Auto, Call of Duty, and Zombies (the zombie version of COD). It was fantastic! Were we amazingly good at these games? No. But I’m glad my house is full of girls who have depth, and aren’t the stereotype. I love that there’s a wide variety of different women in my house that can break the stereotype barriers every day.

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