Spring Break

I think this is a good subject since we are all coming back from spring break this week. I went to Panama City Beach for this spring break. I was in search of one giant, typical college spring break that every student wants to have at least once. Luckily, I finally found that on this trip! I had the time of my life and was fortunate enough to see three concerts while I was down there. Diplo, T-Pain and Luke Bryan were the concerts I attended but there were so many more artists down there that I was unaware of.

Great music was only the start of what made this trip so fun. I went with the best group of people I could have asked for. When planning the trip we barely knew each other but after the trip we have all become such great friends. To tie it all into Greek life, and sororities, my group was all from Greek life. But the cool thing was that we were all from different sororities and fraternities. It’s amazing that Greek life can come together as a whole to have such an amazing time together. People may think that we are divided and all do our own separate things but when we come together we make great friends, have amazing times, and can even do so much for the community.

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