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Bar Food Thursdays

Disclaimer: Each house is different so my explanation for how my house does meal times does not apply to all houses.

One of the best parts about living in a sorority house is that we have a chef! As much as I love to cook and I do totally miss the opportunity to be able to cook what I want, when I want, I do love having a professional chef cook me meals every day. Here’s how it works. We have a chef that works for us full time five days a week. We’re pretty lucky because we actually have breakfast food set up for us, I know a lot of houses that don’t. But he cooks two full meals each day, lunch and dinner. The menu is posted for the week early every Monday morning, that way we know what to look forward to eating.

Our chef is pretty phenomenal, if I do say so myself, he cooks for 40-50 girls almost every day. But he’s more than just our chef, each girl has a decent relationship with him as well. He knows every girl that lives in the house by name and even knows their dietary restrictions. We have three vegetarians that live in our house and he’s very accommodating for them. To top off his awesomeness he also isn’t naive about what we like to eat on what days. What I mean by that is that every Thursday we have something our chef likes to call “bar night.” Bar night is basically when Chef Eric, DGs chef, cooks food that you could find on any bar menu. He makes things like wings, burgers, sliders, etc. He knows many of us like to go out and party Thursday nights so he fills us up that way we have something in our bellies if we choose to drink (only if we’re 21 of course).

Bar night is one of my favorite nights for food because it’s always greasy, fattening and super yummy. I love looking forward to what Chef Eric is going to cook up every week.

Let’s Get This Started!


DG Banner

Delta Gamma is my home away from home. I live with a group of fantastic women all under one roof. Trust me, it has its ups and downs and there are more crazy times than simple ones, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Joining a sorority was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, I never knew that being completely surrounded by women my age would be exactly what makes me happy.

This post is not about trying to get all the non-greek people of the world to want to join a sorority or fraternity, it’s just the story of the start of my journey in DG, an opener to the madness of all the stories that will be told on this blog about my house.

I know you’ve all probably heard this speech a million times but I was not the typical “sorority girl” when I decided to go through recruitment. All my best friends were guys, and I chose to spend most my time with my guy friends. I didn’t end up wanting to join a house until my sophomore year of college. As a freshman I had zero interest in wanting to be a sorority woman, it just wasn’t for me. But after freshman year ended I realized I didn’t want to graduate college without any life long female friends. That’s when I decided to rush. Recruitment is a story within itself, it was a very long process but ultimately it tends to put you in the house that you belong. Once bid day arrived I discovered that I was in Delta Gamma the same sorority that my great grandma, grandma, mom and three of my cousins were all members of. And that’s where the stories begin.

The Sorority Politics of it All

If I were to attempt to explain all the politics that go in to maintaining my sorority chapter, I could right a novel. So, in that case I will attempt to keep it much shorter.

The main points you need to know for this story include:
1. I’m the current house manager
2. Positions for my chapter run on annual year
3. My position is required to live in our house for their entirety of the position

As all Michigan State students know simply from reading those simply facts, this can cause a problem with who runs for the position. Since the school year runs from August to August the requirement to have the position live in for the entirety of their term as the position holder (December-December), deters people from running for the position.

This year I was selected by a nomination committee to hold the House Manager position. I accepted on the condition that I would not have to live in our house Fall 2015 due to the fact that I had already signed a lease to live else where. Now, with my sorority house we have people from our own chapter who are in charge who can make executive decisions like that. But we also have collegiate alumni who hold positions in our nationals that advise us on how to run our chapter effectively, and by the rules. Now we have one advisor from nationals that works with us quite frequently, and once she caught wind of the fact that the House Manager position was switching after the end of the semester, she was not happy.

Tonight, a group of my peers and I all get to discuss with our advisor a solution to the problem and further discuss how to solve this issue for the future. We’ll see how it turns out and I’ll update you once I know the results!